South Africa’s diverse landscapes are not only stunning to admire and explore but also produce some of the world’s most delicious, best quality fruit. The amazing combination of Mediterranean climate, steep hillsides, excellent soils and over 100 years of experience has helped make the South African fruit industry so successful.

South African growers are committed to producing ethical, safe, and environmentally friendly produce in order to keep their country beautiful and to ensure the best quality fruit is produced. Actively embracing the spirit of Good Agricultural Practises (G.A.P), fruit producers across the country are continually ensuring that what you pick up from the supermarket shelf meets the highest standards in production.

Growers are also working together with the South African government to provide a future of stability and equality for all South Africans in the fruit industry. Providing education, housing and farm management opportunities for workers.

To find out more about each South African fruit including their seasonality, origins and health benefits, use the links below

Beautiful Fruit

Peaches & Nectarines
Refreshingly juicy peaches and nectarines grown in the sheltered valleys of the Western Cape
Fragrant yellow, red and purple plums available from January to March
Granny Smith, Gala, Golden Delicious, Pink Lady and many more; the Western Cape produces beautifully crunchy apples
Pick up delicious pears from February to August when they are most flavoursome