Stefan Gates’ South African Taste Adventure
Working on a Fruit Farm

Stefan Gates’ South African Taste Adventure
Doing good with Fruit

Stefan Gates’ South African Taste Adventure
Help a South African School

Stefan Gates’ South African Taste Adventure
Eating and Cooking South African Fruit

MsMarmiteLover’s camping cookery with South African apples and pears
Food writer and author Kerstin Rodgers, aka @MsMarmiteLover, gives us her tips on bringing a bit of South African sunshine to your UK camping trip.
South Africa: Making a difference with Fruit
The South African fruit industry is committed to supporting its workers and their dependents. For every farm worker there are, on average, 4 dependents that rely on the fruit industry to provide education, housing, health and social care. Watch this video to find out more about the welfare initiatives funded by the industry. Presented by TV’s Aggie MacKenzie.
Sophie Michelle uses South African grapefruit in a delicious, citrussy salad
Salads are great during our few summer months and this is an elegant, yet healthy starter that is perfect to pull out for guests and family.
Sophie Michell prepares a superfood fruit salad
Breakfast should be all about sunny, vibrant, vitamin packed goodness to wake you up the right way, no sugary cereals and greasy fry-ups!!
Ethical Trading presented by Jasmine Harman
Jasmine Harman talks about where our food comes from and the importance of buying ethically and environmentally.
Beautiful country, beautiful fruit, beautiful food
Channel 4’s Jasmine Harman and TV chef Sophie Michell take you on a journey through South Africa to discover the beautiful country, beautiful fruit and beautiful food
Winter Sweetness Cookery Demonstration with Sophie Michell
Author, chef and presenter of TV’s ‘Cook yourself thin’, Sophie Michell prepares two simple but delicious dishes using beautiful South African fruit
Sophie Michell Prepares Roast Pork Loin with Warm Plum and Ginger Chutney
TV presenter, author and chef, Sophie Michell cooks a wonderful winter dish using South African plums
Sophie Michelle Serves Up Pear and Apple Spiced Chicken Crostinis
TV presenter, author and chef, Sophie Michell prepares some nibbles using delicious South African apples and pears

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