80g bag watercress
150g young spinach leaves
2 South African Pink Lady apples, cored and sliced
2 tbsp lemon juice
2 sticks celery, thinly sliced
50g raisins or sultanas
150g Stilton cheese, broken into chunks
80g pecan nuts
10g butter
1 tsp caster sugar
Pinch of sea salt flakes
4 tbsp walnut oil
1 tsp Dijon mustard
2 tbsp cider vinegar or white wine vinegar
Pinch of salt, sugar and freshly ground black pepper


20 minutes


2 minutes



1 Rinse and drain the watercress and spinach leaves thoroughly, then share them between 4 serving plates.


2 Toss the apple slices in lemon juice and arrange them on the salads with the celery, raisins or sultanas and Stilton cheese.


3 Heat the pecans in a dry frying pan for 1-2 minutes, then add the butter and sugar. Cook for another few seconds to melt the butter and sugar, then remove from the heat after another few seconds when a little smoke begins to rise. Cool slightly, then add the sea salt.


4 Make the dressing by mixing together the walnut oil, mustard and vinegar. Season with a pinch of salt, sugar and freshly ground black pepper.


5 Scatter the pecans over the salads and drizzle the dressing on top. Serve at once.


Cook’s tip: Try using sliced South African pears instead of apples – or use a combination of apples and pears. Not keen on blue cheese? Try a soft goat’s cheese or Cheshire cheese instead.

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